Friday, December 7, 2012

Broken Arm

About 3.5 weeks ago, I was in the basement when I heard a thump-thump-thump-scream.  I initially thought it was Hannah since I'd been having a hard time keeping her from climbing all over.  When I got upstairs, Briton ran to me holding his arm and told me he'd fallen down the stairs.  I comforted him for a minute, felt his arm to make sure it didn't feel too terribly injured and then asked him how he fell down the stairs.  He told me he'd ridden down in a box!  (I admit that I chuckled a bit.  That is very Briton.)  After a while he was still crying and every time I tried to move his arm, he cried louder.  I ended up taking him to the ER after we got Hannah off with dad (and later the neighbors).  Although not a serious break, the x-rays did show a break right above the elbow and he received a sling.  It was a long day - 5 hours in the ER.  I do really like the pediatric ER in the hospital here.  Everyone there is really great!

Here he is with the splint and sling (alongside the infamous box).  He really hated it and he was exhausted when this picture was taken.
2 days later he got the splint off and had a waterproof fiberglass cast on.  It was fabulous.  It didn't go past his wrist so he could still write, eat and play with it.  I was so pleased that really the cast proved to be a non-issue for any of us.  (The only thing it limited was some of the shirts he could wear.)  Here he is (with the box again) with the new cast.
This morning we got the cast off!  The cast was short lived - only 3 weeks!  Briton was excited to get it off but I think he is a bit surprised at how little he wants to move his arm.  He's still holding it in the casted position, but I am sure the motion and his confidence will come back within the next few days.
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