Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Last night we went on a short hike with some of our friends!

Abby found this walking stick so that she could go on a "bike" (translation: hike).

Here she is with Cooper.

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Liberty Park

Abby and I went to Liberty Park yesterday. She was a bit cautious around all the fountains,
but loved the swing.
She warmed up a little and had lots of fun.
Then we went to the Tracy Aviary!
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Monday, June 16, 2008


Abby has the greatest dad in the world. We love him so much! In honor of his special day, Abby painted him her first finger painting masterpiece. She had so much fun and we look forward to doing it again!
At this point, Abby realized that the tummy is just as good a canvas as the paper. (We had a delightfully colorful ring around the bathtub!)
Here she is in action:

Our Hawaiian Princess

At the ward luau this weekend, Abby looked great in her grass skirt! (She was sooo cute...)

I ♥ Camping

On Friday night we went on an overnighter with our friends, the Johnson's and the Davis'. We went to Diamond Fork in Spanish Fork Canyon. I have driven past it hundreds of times because our cabin is up SF Canyon, but never been to DF. It really is beautiful. Ryan D. knew about places to camp past the developed campground and it really was the perfect place to camp.

How I have to dress Abby when she jumps into fountains on chilly mornings at Red Butte Gardens

We had a good time with our friends, Jill, Madeleine and Cate. She loved running around the play area in the gardens and, especially, feeding the ducks with Madeleine!

How we got Abby to eat salmon (and most other meats)...

"Do you want some dip, Abby?"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good day for Abby

We set up the pool:
and got a killer deal on this Little Tykes climber/slide off of
I've been looking at getting a slide for a while now, but they get sold off the online ads very quickly. We jumped on this one and got it. (They were so nice they even delivered it to us.) Abby spent a while just going in circles (up the back, down the slide, back up again, etc.) saying, "sli, sli, sli". It was so cute! She was bouncing up and down in her high chair during dinner saying, "sli, sli, sli". It was a lot of fun to watch her, not as fun getting her to eat :)

Backyard in the Spring

First, I know that it is June and most of us don't consider June the spring, but spring was late this year spring plants are still blooming.

My backyard has pretty much all spring blooming flowers (except the annuals) so I love it right about now when there are lots of colors.

Here is a sampling:

Bleeding Heart

My favorite iris of the year

Sweet Woodruff (absolute favorite ground cover)


Lily of the Valley (sorry about the focus)