Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bike Weather

Abby and Briton are both enjoying their bikes!

The first couple weeks of spring Abby was really struggling with riding her bike and we were both getting fairly frustrated.  My neighbor (who is much more bike savvy than me) checked the air in her tires one day, filled them up and Abby took off.  I am pretty ashamed that I didn't think of such a simple solution.  She is doing really well now and Mike has practiced with her sans training wheels.  I am glad she is enjoying her bike!  (She really does wear a helmet - not sure how she got away without one in these pictures:)

Briton also started riding a little two-wheeler this spring.  We inherited it a few years ago from a friend. Mike gave it a bit of TLC and it is working well for Briton.  He is so little, but the bike fits him well and he looks cute on it.  He still spends a lot of time on his tricycle and big wheel, but I think he enjoys riding a bike like the big kids.

Hannah at 18 months

Hannah is growing up!

This past week she hit the big 18 month mark and went to the nursery at church for the first time.  We thought it would be cute to get a picture of Briton holding her hand, taking her in, but she just about ran into the room so that picture didn't work out quite as planned.  I think that she had a good time in her little class with only a few tears when she remembered she wasn't with mom and dad.

She is talking a fair amount.  Here is a sampling of her vocabulary:

  • mama
  • dada
  • Abba (Abby)
  • bubba (Briton)
  • out (as in out of the crib or high chair)
  • up (can mean up or down)
  • baba (blanket or binkie)
  • wawa (a drink - milk or water)
  • hi
  • bye
  • Hannah (one of my favorites - when she wants something she screams out her name clear as a bell - it is very cute)
  • ni-ni (night-night)
  • tee (teeth, as in brushing teeth)
  • /s/ (cheese)
  • side (outside)
Hannah  has a blanket that she likes to sleep with. She likes to hit sometimes.  My other two have not been hitters so this is new territory for me and I must admit that I often find myself laughing at it (probably not the best way to curb the habit).  Hannah has had a bit of a rough spring with illnesses.  We are hoping that the last episode (ear infection and pink eye) are the last for a long time!

She loves playing outside.  Here is a trick she's pulled a few times.  We've learned to position her bike at a strategic angle so that she doesn't end up in the street.
She is adorable and we are quite in love with her.

Catching up

Here are some pictures from March and April.  I have not (obviously) blogged in a while, but thought I'd give the catch up game a try.

Hannah in front of our temple (Detroit)


Abby at the branch egg hunt, Briton and Abby searching for eggs at home, Hannah eating the treats, Abby in her Easter dress, Hannah in her Easter dress (I don't remember why we don't have one of Briton in his outfit?!?)

Here we are on some outings at the MSU Children's Garden and the MSU butterfly house (also thrown in is a very sad Hannah with very cute pigtails)
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