Monday, November 29, 2010

Hannah Update

Last night Hannah was transferred to a Neonatal ICU. Her condition was not deteriorating, but it wasn't improving either. The hospital we were at is a good facility, but did not feel comfortable keeping her in case she did take a turn for the worse. (These pictures are from the hospital before we knew we were being transferred.)

I hated to have that be a necessity, but, having had Abby in the NICU, I knew it would be a good thing in the long run. We haven't been disappointed. Here is a basic rundown:

  • I was able to get myself discharged soon after finding out Hannah would be transferred. We were also able to arrange for Abby and Briton to have one more sleep over at friends' homes. We are so grateful that they have been so well cared for by such willing and trusted friends.
  • The Sparrow RNICU transport team arrived sometime around 6 and got her all ready for her 7 minute ambulance ride (no sirens or lights). Here she is in her fancy transporter - complete with seat belt.
  • Mike and I arrived shortly after Hannah. The unit was in the middle of shift change so we got to wait an hour or so to see her. Hannah happened to be the third member of our branch (church) to be in Sparrow Hospital for the day so the branch president and counselor were making the rounds. We appreciated them tracking us down and visiting with us for a while while we waited.
  • We talked and texted off and on with our friend Stephanie who works in the NICU. She has been great to have as a resource and source of help/comfort (as have many other friends and family members). Thanks! She made sure we got a great nurse for the night.
  • The nurse and the doctor told us that they'd be putting Hannah on the ventilator and putting in an umbilical line. She also got a dose of surfactant for her lungs. Mike was thrilled because they let him/us watch some of the procedures. Here she is getting ready for the umbilical line.
  • We got home sometime between 11-11:30 last night, slept in our own bed, woke up and got Briton from across the street. I went in to the hospital. Mike and Briton picked up Abby, did the grocery shopping, etc. Now Mike is at the hospital. This is me saying good night:)
  • Hannah had a quiet night last night and her morning was good as well. She is slowly being weaned from the oxygen levels on the vent. She got some blood to up her hemoglobin (?) levels to help keep her oxygenation levels where they should be. The doctor on rounds this morning thinks that the big problem has been pneumonia. She'll continue to get antibiotics for a while. She might get another dose of surfactant and hopefully will be off the vent within the next couple days. She is looking and acting much more comfortable!
Hopefully I am remembering what is going on - it is a lot to remember! Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


We have a beautiful new addition to our family!

Hannah Lucille
born Saturday, November 27, 2010
2:48 PM
7 lbs. 10 oz. - 20 in.

Hannah is a very cute little girl. She was born 20 days before her due date. It came as a bit of a surprise, but I was ready to be done being pregnant so it was welcome! I think she looks most like Briton - they have some very similar expressions. She is doing well. Her breathing was a little quick and labored so they took her into the nursery and did an x-ray yesterday evening. It looks like she does have some fluids in her lungs/possible infection so she gets to stay in the nursery on a bit of oxygen and is receiving antibiotics in case of pneumonia. Prayers in her behalf are welcome. We're confident she'll recover well. Here are some pictures:

Here she is in the nursery with the oxygen. This hospital does not have a NICU. If the staff here decided she needed a bit of additional care she could easily be transferred to a larger hospital with a NICU less than 10 minutes away. (She also has an IV in her right arm for the antibiotics.)

This is right after the kids saw their sister through the window. They were very excited! The last picture is one that one of the kids took through the window.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


**This is a post I wrote last week, but never got around to posting because I wanted to include a picture of Briton with his wound, but I forgot to take the picture. So, sorry about the lack of a picture, but here it is...

I was going to make a post along these lines a couple weeks ago, but never got around to it. I suppose we were just waiting for the next occurrence...

Briton is really turning into a monkey. He manages to find mischief and injury fairly easily. (Or better said, we tend to bring it to him.) Here is a list, although not comprehensive. These are all since early September.

  • One night while I was out on Relief Society visits, he fell down the stairs (from the top). During the night he threw up and then had a high fever the next day. The pediatrician's office sent us directly to the ER worried it was a complication of the fall. Fortunately it wasn't, but an ER trip nonetheless.
  • I was pushing Briton in (our now trashed) umbrella stroller. It started to collapse so I stepped on the little thing to put it back up and somehow his finger got into the mess. We skinned it really well and the nail is still purple. (He cried over this one for nearly 48 hours off and on.)
  • He was trying to get Mike's water bottle off Mike's bike and toppled the bike on him - putting a few (albeit minor) scratches over his eye.
  • Mike and Briton were playing airplane rides. Briton rolled off the airplane (Mike's feet) and in the process dislocated his elbow. That turned into an urgent care visit and an x-ray. (Mike now knows how to put elbows back into place. If you ever need his services...)
  • Which brings us to tonight...Abby and I were just about to run out and do some Christmas shopping. We were just about to have family prayers and scriptures when Briton ran and tripped into the coffee table. Lots and lots of blood. We sent Abby to the neighbors. (She was very concerned about her brother.) Mike and I made, yet another, trip to urgent care. They ended up gluing his forehead shut. He was acting plenty normal (translate: rambunctious) while we were in the waiting room waiting for the all clear (making sure the wound didn't open with just the glue).
In this Thanksgiving season, we are grateful for: active, spunky and fun children, nice neighbors that take our kids at a moments notice, good medical care and excellent insurance!