Sunday, June 12, 2011


Abby sure cracks me up.

When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says an entomologist and a co-pilot. She is going to study bugs and fly airplanes and every time she goes up in an airplane she'll take a different bug. (She really loves bugs.)

Last night we were in the car waiting for Abby to buckle herself into her car seat:

Mike: Abby, do you have your buckles on?
Abby: No, dad, not yet.
Mike: Whatcha been doing back there?
Abby: Well, dad, I've just been laying around.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny. Sometimes we need to encourage Abby to stay focused on the task at hand and it was so funny to hear her say she'd "just been laying around."

And this, my friends, is an Abby original. She calls it a "uni-corn":

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The rest of our trip

We spent 3.5 days in Utah following the funeral. It was actually pretty laid back. We took it easy and didn't try to do everything. Sunday I attended my Murray Ward. I felt right at home. In Relief Society there was only one lady who had not been in the ward when we were there. (I believe there were several ladies serving in Primary or YW who I didn't know, but I found it kind of fun that RS had barely changed.) After church Hannah and I headed up to the cemetery and spent some relaxing time there with a sack lunch. We then went home for dinner with my parents, sisters and their families and 2 of my grandmas. It was so much fun! I love being with them.
On Monday, mom and dad took us downtown to Temple Square. Growing up I loved going to Temple Square. (Do any of you remember the little boy in the tree movie?) I was thinking a while back that my kids probably won't grow up with Temple Square around the corner so I need to make sure they get to visit while we are out visiting. After lunch at Crown Burger, we met up with Kaye and got to make some nice visits to the Wessman grandparents. Again, a very nice day...
These last two pictures are from Temple Square - the new temple cross-section (amazing) and Hannah posing behind the Conference Center look alike podium in the Church Museum.

On Tuesday I got to visit Holli and Haley and their combined 4 kiddos! I didn't get any pictures, unfortunately, but loved the visit. We missed Shana and her 3 little ones. Afterwards, my mom and dad and I went here:
Wednesday morning we hung out at home with mom and dad and then mom and I ran some errands on the way to the airport. There's kind of a detailed story that is hard to explain, but I had a little tender mercy that morning. We were in the right place at the right time and it saved some heartsickness and $$$. I was very grateful. We flew home that afternoon. Hannah did have to sit on my lap both flights, but she is sure an angel - such a good traveler.

I was surprised to see Mike waiting for me inside the terminal at the airport. I figured I would meet him outside. I liked it. It was so good to see him!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ray Casaday 1920-2011

0My grandpa passed away last week. The funeral was beautiful and I feel blessed to have been able to travel home and be with my dad and the rest of the family. My brother, Brian, who lives in Ohio was able to come out. I loved that my parents and the 5 of us siblings could all be together. All of my cousins were there as well - except for Sara who has a really good excuse. She is on a mission. The funeral was really nice. My dad and each of his siblings spoke. They shared memories and testimonies of the Plan of Salvation. First thing this morning, we had a private family viewing with just my grandpa's posterity. It was a sweet and tender time for me and I was reminded of the real power of family. My grandpa was a loving grandfather, had a strong sense of patriotism and was dedicated to the gospel.

I miss my kiddos, but it has been good to have Hannah with me. She did very well on the flights and we were lucky (again) that flights were empty enough that I could take the car seat aboard.
My dad (right) and his sister and brothers...
The funeral was "with full military honors". Here the marine is presenting my grandma with the flag that draped the casket.
My brother is the second from the right (no sunglasses).
My uncle had this arrangement made. Can you tell what his drink of choice was? I was always offered a soda when I visited their home.
One of my early memories of my grandpa was that he brought us boxes of chocolate donuts. He sold packaging and Salt Lake Donut was one of his clients. My mom picked up chocolate donuts for everyone this morning. One of my cousins commented that grandpa always ate donuts with a fork. I hadn't remembered that, but I had to take this picture when I saw my dad eating a donut during the luncheon.
My parents, siblings, grandma and I...
The silly shot (only those wearing sunglasses allowed)...
My grandpa has 19 grandchildren. Here are the 18 who are not on missions right now.

First beach trip of 2011

Memorial Day marked our first beach trip of the year. We had a fun time with each other and two other families from our branch. It was worth the wind and COLD water!