Saturday, May 29, 2010


We've been absent for the past few weeks. Here are some highlights - not always in order.

We sold one to buy the other. We miss the Santa Fe (great car), but even with just the two kids (their car seats and everything else), we decided it was time for more room. We really like it (Sienna) and it will come in handy with the family visitors that are coming into town the next few weeks! We appreciate the relatively good deals on Toyotas right now.

Abby has taken up floral design--and most of it includes dandelions. She is welcome to pick as many dandelions as she'd like. We love that flower season is here!

Abby is taking a community ed dance class. She really enjoys it and we look forward to her little recital next week.

Hope's 5th birthday was on May 14th! A few days later we went to a cemetery for a picnic. It was very nice. It's a beautiful old cemetery. The food was good and the company was perfect. When I asked Abby how we should decorate the cupcakes she said she wanted trees. We made them in ice cream cones (trunks) with green frosting and fruit snacks on top--nothing fancy, but the kids liked them. (In the background of the first and last pictures you can see our new car.)

Briton is starting to enjoy reading more--especially when it is the creepy, crawly bug book and when he is sitting in the rocking chair.

We bought a zoo pass for our local zoo. It is a small zoo, but a perfect size for our kiddos. This is the only picture I took that day. Abby was feeding the llamas (actual llama food). Moments after this was taken, Briton dropped a little bottle of hand sanitizer in the llama enclosure. Great. I had just gotten done looking at their display of x-rays of animals that had swallowed things negligent visitors had allowed to get into the enclosure. We immediately started looking for someone to retrieve our sanitizer and save the poor llamas. (Not too concerned about the sanitizer, more about the llamas.) Abby shed many tears over this, but all turned out well with us and the llamas. I turned this into a lesson on problem solving. We had a problem. How are we going to solve it? For a couple days, Abby went around telling people about the "problem" we had at the zoo.

Thank goodness for good weather. We get to be outside a lot. The kids love it! And they thoroughly wear themselves (and me) out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Rest of the Trip

Many pictures:

On the way home from the airport, we stopped to see Grandma Mary and Grandpa Frank. We had a nice visit with them and were happy to see them before they left on their vacation.

The kids loved playing with Miles on the days that Steph came out to spend the day at grandma's house.

We had a nice time at Wheeler Farm with all the Wessman siblings and grandkids. We were also able to visit with Grandpa David and Grandma Nancy!

Here are grandma and grandpa with their 6 cute grandbabies. (Abby is the oldest of the bunch. That makes it a pretty young group!)

At Kaley's graduation open house, Briton decided that Grandpa Ray's walker was the way to go. He might need to master the art of steering.

We had a nice time at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with Tami and Kevin and their kids and grandma and grandpa.

I had zero luck getting a nice posed picture of both the kiddos at the cemetery. Here is a cute picture of Abby though showing the wind (which probably contributed to the inability to get desired photo).

On the night before we left this is what Kaley and Abby found in my parents' downstairs bathroom. It was kind of cool to pop. There wasn't a ton of water in the bubble, but it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

We had a great trip. Thanks to all those who made it so enjoyable!
  • Saw both sets of parents
  • Saw all grandparents
  • Saw all siblings and sibs-in-law
  • Saw all nieces and nephews
  • Attended the old ward
  • Had lunch with two sets of friends
  • Ate out way too much
  • Celebrated a wedding, graduation and birthday
  • Visited parks, the cemetery, gardens, a farm, a drive through (torn up) downtown SLC with a stop or two (the new Deseret Book is nice)
  • Survived the flights and a trip to the ER
Fairly/very successful!