Monday, March 19, 2012

Seasonal Identity Issues

Here are some facts:
  • Tonight we had Family Home Evening outside.
  • We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in our cute portable fire pit.
  • We sang Popcorn Popping for the closing song and I realized that we haven't seen any "popcorn" yet except for a couple magnolias we saw just today (so pretty!).
  • I checked the forecast this afternoon and it said that the current temp was 77 and the next two days were predicted to reach 84.
  • Last week I looked at the ten day and it showed that next weekend would show highs down in the 40s. Today when I looked at the ten day next weekend had been adjusted to the 60s.
  • I have pulled out summer clothes.
  • The neighbors have pulled out their swimming pool.
  • I traded my daily "clean the basement for 10 minutes" routine for daily weeding.
Having said all this:
  • Today is March 19th. According to the calendar it is still WINTER!
I am presuming that it can't last forever, but we are LOVING this weather!!

In other news, inspired by an episode of Curious George (and not inspired by the weather), Abby designed and constructed these ear muffs today. (The cups are held on by the headband and are stuffed with batting and covered with paper to keep all the batting in):

8 + 1 week

I am a week late for this, but happy anniversary to my sweetheart. Mike and I celebrated 8 years but it really feels more like 80. I say that in a good way. It's hard to remember life without him. It seems we've had a lifetime of experiences in those 8 years...and there's only more to come! We sure love each other:)