Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tails, Teeth and More!

Abby has been really doing a lot lately! She has gotten her first two teeth over the last week and a half. I have started putting her hair in little pig tails. She has begun to crawl - at least her own little combination of a crawl, scoot and bear crawl, and she is pulling herself up onto furniture!

This was the first time (I was aware of) that she pulled herself up in her crib

The swimming season is nearing a close, but it has sure been fun to swim at the neighbor's pool this summer!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Liberty Park

Our new favorite outing destination is the Liberty Park Seven Canyons Fountain. It is a big fountain with a bunch of interconnected streams that resemble the canyons of the valley. They all come together in the "Great Salt Lake" pond. Abby loved it (except when she was overzealously attacking a ball and face planted into the water...whoops)!

Home Again, Home Again

Our trip ended nicely. We drove from Glacier to Missoula and stayed the night there. Sunday morning we drove a bit off the beaten path to church in Hamilton, Montana. (Mike was curious about a pharma facility he had been contacted by a head hunter about there. Small town Montana seemed like an interesting place for a high tech facility...nice town, nice ward.) Sunday afternoon we arrived in Idaho Falls where Lara barbecued for us. Mmmm. Monday morning we went, along with Lara, to the IF zoo. It was a fun getaway. I liked their zoo...

Lara, Abby, the tiger and I