Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Look at our Christmas

Christmas is great. Thursday night my brother and sister-in-law came into town from Ohio. We have been happy to have them staying with us. The kids have been in heaven. Here they are on Christmas Eve after putting on the new jammies.

With a new baby we are well equipped to act out the nativity.

Hannah's first Christmas...

Abby's expressions are priceless. Her Christmas was made especially complete with ring pops and a My Little Pony. (She also got a big girl bike that she's very excited about.)

Briton loves cars and things that move. He also enjoyed his new tent and tunnel. He is engineer #2 in our family and is always examining things to figure out how they work.

By the way, the build-your-own-marble-run toy was actually one of Abby's gifts. She loves playing with it as well. It is just as bit a hit with the adults!

Christmas Eve Photo Shoot

Here is a sampling of our impromptu photo shoot on Christmas Eve...

Getting a decent picture of all three kiddos was not meant to be...(She's fine.)

Two was slightly more manageable.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Do they look alike?

Abby - 14 days old, Briton - 20 days old, Hannah - 13 days old

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here are some pictures from our happy day:

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Updates

It has taken me a while to update. We have been busy - driving back and forth from the hospital, getting ready to bring Hannah home, Christmas, visiting with my parents, etc., etc. But things are going well. My parents have been life savers taking care of Abby and Briton. Here is an update:

Thursday - Thursday morning I showed up to visit Hannah and she was acting very calm. That was not characteristic, because she'd been very ornery the day before with her CPAP. When I looked closer I realized that her CPAP prongs were pressed firmly against...her forehead. She'd pulled them out and had them right where she wanted them! When I saw the nurse, I asked if I should be concerned (her monitor was showing that she was doing just fine without the oxygen help). The nurse went and asked the doctor if we could just take the thing off and he said that would be fine. oxygen! The rest of the day went well. Our friend from our branch worked Thursday night so we were happy to visit with her and have her take care of our girl overnight.

Friday - Friday morning I called and talked with Stephanie (nurse friend) to see how the night had gone. It turns out a different doctor had had them put the CPAP back on because she was still breathing quite fast. We were a bit disappointed, but willing to do what we needed to do to get her better. Later that afternoon I went by - no CPAP. The attending doctor had said that she was breathing fast regardless of if she had the CPAP so might as well take it off. Sounds good to me.

Saturday - She had her last antibiotics treatment (for the pneumonia) and because of that got the umbilical line out. She also got off the biliblanket (for the jaundice). All of that meant she could move out of the isolette and into a little crib. Hannah also started bottle feeds and did pretty well. That evening we took Abby and Briton to the zoo for the Wonderland of Lights. It was fun to spend time with them.

Sunday/Monday - Hannah's feedings continue to go well! She is now taking nearly everything by bottle or nursing. She's a champ!

PS This is my cute nephew and the awesome tree that my sister, Stephanie, decorated for the Festival of Trees: