Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 months

Today Hannah is 4 months old. She is growing a lot. I put this dress on her this morning being that Abby wore it at 5.5 months as an Easter dress. Well, we'll be lucky if Hannah gets to wear it once more. It's more of a shirt than a dress:) She is a happy kid. We'd love to remind her how to sleep through the night again!
Can you tell how much Abby loves her sister?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 pictures of 3 kids

Hannah: We love seeing this smile. We see it daily, but lately not as freely. Being sick threw her off a bit and we are so happy to be getting back "on" (eating, sleeping, playing, etc.).

Briton: Not only did Briton have RSV, but we took him in for his 2 year check up and found some strep throat hiding out in our little one. Neither have slowed him down much. (We wouldn't have known about the strep without the check up.) Briton has loved being able to play outside in the warm-ish temperatures and we have all gotten a good dose of spring fever.

Abby: Abby had her little dance recital this past week. Isn't this a great face? She still loves doing her classes - preschool and dance and playgroup.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Really Stinky Virus

Ever since Abby was born and stayed in the NICU I've thought that RSV was as close to a death sentence as you could get.

Well...last week Abby was sick off and on with a fever, sore throat and cold symptoms. I took her in last Friday. She tested positive for strep. When she coughed the doctor said, "That sounds like RSV. It won't affect her much, but watch the other two." Great.

I took Briton and Hannah in on Wednesday and they tested positive for RSV. We have been giving them breathing treatments at home that they have actually come to enjoy:) I accidentally (long story) bought 2 nebulizers at $200 a piece. Fixed that problem, luckily! (Now we have 1 rental and 1 borrowed.) I am grateful that their illness seems to be mild. Their behavior hasn't changed much. We are just taking it easy and staying away from other kidlets.

In other Wessman news, Mike and I both have new callings. Mike was released as Scoutmaster 2 weeks ago and sustained as Branch Mission Leader. He is a great missionary and is excited to work more closely with the missionaries. He'll definitely miss Scouts. On Sunday I was released from Relief Society and put in as the Temple Prep Sunday School teacher. I am very excited about that calling! I'll miss many, many, many things about my Relief Society calling, but I am very grateful to know that the growth I experienced and the things I learned don't get taken away because I am released. The relationships don't disappear either.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hannah is 3 months old

The rest of our trip

I am finally getting around to the rest of our trip: Post-baby blessing.

Here are the highlights:

Monday was Valentine's. My Valentine went to breakfast with his old boss and the kids and I hung out with some friends:) So we didn't do terribly romantic together, but we did enjoy spending time with good friends. We also went back up to the cemetery to drop off the Valentine's arrangement my mom made (that we had forgotten to leave the last time).

On the subject of Valentine's and Mike, one of the greatest parts of our vacation was being able to be with Mike all the time. I needed it! We've both been busy at home with work, church callings and 3 kids. It was good to be together.

Tuesday we went skiing! I hadn't been for 3ish years and we had a great time. The kids enjoyed the playdate on grandma and grandpa's playground.

The trip was fantastic. I was reminded how much I love Utah and even more how much I enjoy (and thrive off of) being with my family.