Friday, August 12, 2011

Catch up

I left my house very, very early this morning so that I could arrive in SLC early. I thought I had better update the blog since we'll have some exciting things to report on while we are here...sister's beautiful wedding, Yellowstone, friends, family, etc.


Last week we took a last minute trip to Lake Michigan at the invitation of some neighbors. As always, it was great. Abby tells me that Lake Michigan is her favorite beach but that it is just too long of a drive. I concur. Well, I don't think it is too long of a drive but it would sure be nice if it was closer. The highlights: Mike took off a half day of work so it felt like a real vacation. I spent the morning making BBQ chicken for a picnic and forgot something to heat it up in. I swam (walked) to the buoy. Hannah ate a lot of sand.

8 months

Our busy little Hannah is already 8 months. The picture was taken at 8 months, but I am a couple weeks late on the post. As of today, she is moving around a lot and we have to keep quite an eye on her. She scoots backwards like a champ and can get up on all fours but doesn't quite crawl. She loves her brother and sister and puts up with a lot from them!

Swimming Lessons

Abby took swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. She enjoyed it but told me that it was "hard work". I am glad she likes being in the water and she's already asking when it'll be "next year" so that she can take lessons again!