Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy birthday, Hannah!

Today we celebrated Hannah's 1st birthday. The real birthday is Sunday, but with Brian and Amy in town for Thanksgiving we wanted to make sure to include them in the festivities.

This afternoon we visited the local Christmas tree farm and picked out a beautiful tree. The weather was beautiful! (Incidentally, last year's trip to the tree farm was the day before Hannah was born and was very cold.)
Here we are with the winning tree:

She did not fully grasp the present opening...
...but the cake eating was quite the hit.
We loved that the minute we put the cake on her tray, she pulled the candle out, paid no attention to it and went for the frosting. We blew it out when she went for the "pinch it out" technique.
Hannah is the most patient baby in the world. She is adorable. She loves to be involved with her brother and sister. We think she is great!
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