Friday, April 23, 2010

The Last 48 Hours

The kids and I have been in Utah this week and the last 48 hours have been pretty busy. Here are the basics (the details follow):

Now for the details:

Yesterday my brother was married. It was awesome! We are so excited for Brian and Amy. And one of the best parts of it all...Amy is from Michigan!! We love having a family connection to MI.

So, why is there an "Emergency Room" picture? The temple sealing was scheduled for noon. At 10:30ish I was doing Abby's hair.

me: "Where is Briton?"

Brian: "He is downstairs."

me: "Is he doing anything bad?"

Brian: [Pause] "Um...he might be!"

me: [frantic] "What is he doing?"

Brian carried him upstairs with an open jar of cough syrup and cough syrup all over his face. I panicked. I had no idea how much he had taken, if he was going to be OK and I needed/wanted to be to my brother's wedding in an hour! (In case you're wondering - he was acting normally the entire time.)

Long story, shorter...I called poison control. They insisted we take him to the ER. I cried. I took him to the hospital (can't wait to get the bill). They were so nice to me. I told everyone I saw that my brother was getting married very, very soon. As soon as I talked to the doctor, Kaley took over watching Briton in the ER for me and I rushed to the Draper Temple. I arrived at 12:05. Everyone from the recommend desk up to the sealing room said, "Are you Sister Wessman? Don't worry they are waiting for you." The sealing was beautiful!

Kaley's boyfriend sat with Briton while she came to the temple for pictures and then I rushed back to the hospital. He got the blood test and the all clear. There was no noticeable trace of Tylenol in his blood stream. Excellent! I was fairly confident the entire time that he was OK, but until I got the all clear I couldn't help but worry. I didn't make the story too much shorter.

The wedding dinner and reception all went so well! We had a lot of fun and I am told Brian and Amy did too. (I didn't get to talk to them too much?!?)

Here we are with my grandparents:

Here are Brian and Amy with the kiddos:

This is how Briton felt at the end of his busy day:

Today we went to Kaley's graduation from BYU! We are so proud of her!

I am also proud of my parents. Their kids are 5/5 college graduates. Pretty cool!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter egg hunts

The Primary egg hunt at the church:

At home:

Abby got a flute in her basket.
Briton likes candy bars with and without the wrappers.
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Briton's favorite pastime lately is climbing. He climbs as high as he can and then stands up with a very silly, victorious grin. It is very common to find him in the playroom standing on top of this table. Yesterday at church he played in the nursery for a few minutes after church. There is a small rocking horse. We caught him climbing onto the horse and standing up on the seat - while it was rocking. He'd hold out his arms to steady himself. Crazy kiddo! He loves being so incredibly mobile.

This picture is also appropriate because he loves this book. When we took this picture he was climbing on and off the chair and each time reading the book. He's a smart little guy.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


"I have to wear all these things because I am so much cooler when I wear all these things." --Abby