Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hannah is 2 months old today

My other children have not gotten their pictures taken by an animal each month, but we're going to give it a try with Hannah. (I even set up email reminders for me to do it, because otherwise I could possibly fail miserably.) She definitely looks older this month.

Hannah is a calm baby. Abby would say (in a great Abby voice that I can't imitate in print), "She's a sleeper!" She sleeps through the night about half the time and takes lots of naps. Abby and Briton still love her. Abby always wants to be where she can see Hannah's face and Briton likes to put his blanket on her. (That is very nice of him because he really loves his blanket.) She eats well and is growing a lot. We think she's a keeper.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some pictures followed by an update

Here is assortment of pictures. The next post is an update.

Whenever Briton sees Hannah on the floor on a blanket, he has to lie down next to her. (Speaking of Briton, Mike just informed me that he went potty in the toilet twice today. Way to go, buddy!)
The kids love to go out and play in the snow.
The work party was a mad hatter affair. Costumes are out of my comfort zone, but this simple little thing was perfectly acceptable.
Here I am with the kiddos on my birthday.
Hannah is cute. Enough said.


We have not posted recently. My laptop died (ie was almost dead) and our camera died (ie is almost dead). So I haven't been too motivated to make the effort to post. It is much less convenient when all the hardware is almost dead. But, alas, here is my update:

Hannah - Hannah is growing well and behaving herself. In 31 days she gained 27 ounces. That's pretty good. (I've been told the goal is somewhere between .5 to 1 ounce per day.) She has slept through the night twice now. Yay! Last night she slept for 9 hours. When she doesn't sleep through the night she wakes up once around 3 or 4. I am grateful for sleep! Hannah is a well-loved and her siblings are great with her. She looks just like them, too!

Briton - Boy, do we love this little guy! And, boy, is he busy. I have to keep very close tabs on him or else I will find my computer key-less, my oven full of pots and pans (at least he wears oven mitts when he's filling it up) or Briton in the garage or on any number of countertops. (We are keeping the door to the garage locked these days.)

Abby - Abby started attending preschool after the holidays. So far she is really enjoying it. I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "I just like everything!" She qualified it by saying she liked the snack and playing in the kitchen in the playroom. Then she said, "Just everything, mom! Just everything! More than one thing, mom! Just everything!" We're happy she likes it. She is a bright little girl and surprises us with all she is learning. She also has a great imagination. Here is a conversation from today:

Abby: Mom, let's go downstairs.
Me: Okey dokey, artichokey.
Abby: Mom, I am NOT an artichoke! I am not an artichoke!
Me: You're not? I always thought you were an artichoke.
Abby: I am not an artichoke. An artichoke is a food and I am a p... (note: this is where I expected the word person to come into the conversation, but no...) porcupine! Actually, not a porcupine. I am a hedgehog.

Me - I was spoiled for my birthday with a new laptop. I am now the proud owner of a cute little red netbook. I love it! And the keys are not easily removed like my last one.

Mike - We have been spoiled lately to have Mike home a lot. Due to Hannah's arrival and all the holidays, this week was the first in a very long time that he worked a full week. Last night he and I went to his work party and they spoiled us with a very nice dinner and a few little "gifts".

We're happy. Lots of spoiling going on. I'll get some pictures on too. And find a camera on eBay. :(