Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

A small shopping center in our town had trick or treating this week...and it was conveniently scheduled the same night as the branch trunk or treat.  Mike is going to be out of town on Halloween so we did our pictures a week early.

Here are the many faces of Abby the witch.  Perhaps you can guess which of the 4 poses I requested (one of these girls is not like the others...)  We think that the outfit turned out cute (and the girl is even cuter) - thanks, in part, to the US Postal Service.  (I mailed the skirt half finished to my mom so that she could finish it and then she mailed it back.)  Abby has wanted to be a witch since about the day after Halloween last year!
Briton just wanted to be a ghost.  You might notice the short sleeves and sunshine.  It was nearly 80 degrees that day.  Weird weather (but adorable ghost).
Hannah is the 2nd generation of Little Red Riding Hood.  Abby delighted us in this outfit 4 years ago.  (I guess it is really the 3rd - or more - use of it since I wore this hood and apron as a kids.  Ahhhh, cute.)  She picked up on the trick or treating quite well!
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Bekah and Lance said...

What a cute bunch of kids!! Miss you all so much! Love to see the red riding hood again. I still go back and watch Abby's "candy" video from her year under the hood when I need a good little laugh. :)

Auntie Em, Wooster and Grub said...

I LOVE the little red riding hood costume. I will never forget Abby's video when she wore it :)

Stephanie said...

Loved your kids' costumes. My favorite part of the whole trunk or treat was when I pretended to be scared of Britton. I thought he would get a kick out of it, but he stopped dead in his tracks and said in all seriousness, "You don't have to be scared of me. It's just my costume. It's me, BRITTON!"