Saturday, October 27, 2012

Greenfield Village

Our family riding in an authentic 1921 Model T

Greenfield Village is one of the Ford Museums in Dearborn.  It includes lots of historical homes - not recreated homes and structures, but the real things transported from their original locations.  Some include Thomas Edison's workshop, Henry Ford's birthplace, the Wright Brothers bicycle shop, the Robert Frost home, the Noah Webster (think: dictionary) home and many, many more.  It is really a fascinating place.  Not all of it was super for kids as little as ours, but there was plenty for them as well - a glass blowing shop, a pottery workshop, a printer's office, etc. (all hands on to some degree).

Here are a few pictures from our fun day:

I don't remember too many times when all of the kiddos are looking at the camera in the same picture:)
Abby is taking her turn operating the printing press.
Everyone enjoyed the carousel!
Greenfield Village is an amazing place and we hope to go back!
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