Friday, March 15, 2013


On December 14, 2012 our 5th child, Amelia Grace, was born.  We learned in August of last year that Milli had Trisomy 18, the same condition that our first child, Hope Elisabeth, had.  We knew our time with her would be short but we hoped for time to spend with her and our 3 other children.  Unfortunately, Milli was stillborn.  We knew that was always a strong possibility, but we certainly hoped otherwise.  Her birth was a special experience and we felt her sweet spirit strongly.  I felt more peace that night than I had (or have) in a long time.  We continue to learn from our experience with Milli and we continue to grow.  We are still recovering and are grateful for that process.  She is a beautiful baby and we miss her.


Leisel said...

She is a beautiful baby, and those are wonderful pictures.